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In Zambia's iconic South Luangwa National Park, The Bushcamp Company operates six exclusive Bushcamps in the remote south of the park, as well as the award -winning Mfuwe Lodge just inside the main park gate. Set out from any of these secluded, intimate camps and you will be guaranteed an unrivalled wildlife experience in one of the last unspoilt wilderness regions of Africa – the very place where the African walking safari was pioneered.

"From a vehicle you see Africa. On foot you feel, hear and smell Africa"

Mfuwe Lodge

"If you want to go fast - go alone. If you want to go far - go together"

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Every day you stay with The Bushcamp Company, in one of our Bushcamps or Mfuwe Lodge, you are contributing to our Conservation, Education, and Community projects!

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Each of our camps are set in glorious surroundings and has its own distinct character. A maximum of just eight guests can be accommodated at each camp, ensuring that your stay is a peaceful one and tailored to your personal needs.

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Elephants of Mfuwe Lodge Video

Every year when the mangoes are ripe a family of wild elephants visit Mfuwe Lodge. Led by their matriarch Wonky Tusk they carefully make their way through the Lodge's reception area and onto the the grounds where the mango tree stands.

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Latest Fact...

May 16, 2018

Did You Know... Banded mongoose have a varied diet, but feed primarily on beetles and millipedes? They use their sense of smell to locate prey underground, or in holes in trees, before digging it out with their long claws.

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Latest True or False...

May 23, 2018

True or False... Unlike humans and some other mammals, lions do not chew their food before swallowing.

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  • 22 May:
    20 wild dogs, leopard, 2 herds of buffalo, civet
  • 22 May:
    buffalo, elephants, 4 hyena, giant eagle owl
  • 22 May:
    elephants, injured buffalo, kudu, warthog
  • 22 May:
    elephant shrew, bronze winged courser
  • 22 May:
    leopard (before sunset and again after dark)
  • 22 May:
    injured buffalo, 3 giraffe, tiny elephant
  • 22 May:
    kingfisher (with a fish in its mouth)
  • 22 May:
    elephants, buffalo, leopard, hippos

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Guest Comments

- Merritt Barnwell, US

Mfuwe Lodge
Magical. Beyond words. Beautiful place and beautiful people - we are so privileged to have spent our time in Zambia with such a wonderful group. We will back. Jayne & Bob.
- Jayne and Bob Risk - Pennsylvania

Thanks to all the kind staff and great guides who made our stay wonderful, comfortable and exciting! Loved the game drives and walks! Loved seeing a leopard that close and 27 wild dogs! Great scenery and such a great atmosphere!
- Christine and Gunter, Munich, Germany

Mfuwe Lodge
I just wanted to say again to you and everyone at Mfuwe and Chindeni how very much we enjoyed our stay and found everyone, the place and everything to be so wonderful, comfortable, friendly, fun, delicious and also informative, we came back in a total daze of happiness. Thank you all so very much.
I am sending a couple of pics and would ask you to send our fondest regards and thoughts to Peter, and our thanks too.
We will be back, just not quite sure when we'll make it!!
We took over 2000 photos in all!!!!! And love every single one of them!!
- Judy and Duffy T

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The Weather at Mfuwe

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