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Company History

The Bushcamp Company was formed in 1999 when four camps – the well-established Kuyenda and Chamilandu, and the younger Chindeni and Bilimungwe – came together under one parent company. Our fifth bushcamp, Kapamba, was built on the banks of the Kapamba River in 2005, and in 2008 a sixth camp, Zungulila, was built upstream on the same river. Founded by Andy Hogg and Andrea Bizzaro, the company is still run from its headquarters at Mfuwe Lodge by Andy – a Zambian who used to work at Save the Rhino Trust’s Chinzombo Lodge in Luangwa.

The Bushcamp Company is fortunate enough to be the only safari operator in this southern section of the park. As a result, we pride ourselves on the intimate nature of our small, exclusive bushcamps, each one situated in breathtaking and remote locations, far from other camps and tourists.

Meet the Team

Andy Hogg
Andy Hogg founded The Bushcamp Company in 1999, having grown up in Zambia's Copperbelt he developed a relationship with the Luangwa while still at school. After studying in South Africa and having gained experience in the hospitality industry there, Andy returned to the Luangwa to work alongside Phil Berry at Chinzombo Lodge, where he eventually became General Manager. Having set up The Bushcamp Company Andy took over Chinzombo's two bushcamps – Kuyenda & Chamilandu – (which are today still part of our portfolio) and built the company up to the six bushcamps and Mfuwe Lodge it operates today. Andy helped design and develop each of our camps and runs The Bushcamp Company with a loyal team of staff he has built up over the past decade. A qualified guide and very keen photographer, Andy is also responsible for our marketing and spends several months a year travelling the globe visiting tour operators and enjoying a few quieter moments fishing.
Ian Salisbury
Originally from the north of England, Ian first visited South Luangwa in 1978, on holiday from his teaching job in Zambia's Copperbelt. After a 5-day walking safari, the safari bug had well and truly bitten, and in 1983 he said goodbye to the classroom and joined the original Chinzombo Safaris as a new, but enthusiastic guide. Since then he has worked mainly in the South Luangwa, Kafue and Lower Zambezi National Parks as a guide, lodge manager and trainer of local guides for a variety of safari companies, and for the 'Save the Rhino Trust'. He considers himself fortunate to have worked alongside, and learned his trade, from such guiding "legends" as Norman Carr, Phil Berry and Vernon Baillie...and to remember the days when South Luangwa still had a large black rhino population. During his years in the African bush he has guided, and worked alongside, some of the worlds top wildlife photographers and film-makers. Although his present position as our General Manager keeps him busy, he still enjoys living with, learning about,and photographing the incredible wildlife of the Luangwa Valley.
Phil Berry (retired)
Phil Berry is one of Zambia's most prominent naturalists & guides. Having grown up in remote areas of Southern Africa, he always planned to spend his life involved with wildlife. He started working in the South Luangwa in 1960 and in 1973 he started to establish the Zambia National Tourist Board's walking safari camps in Luangwa. He then went on to run the anti-poaching field operations for Save the Rhino Trust and later ran Chinzonbo Lodge for them. Phil, along with his partner, Babette Alfieri, ran the beautiful Kuyenda bushcamp (which Phil founded in 1991) for decades. For the last 40 years Phil has been at the forefront of various aspects of conservation in Luangwa; having been documenting the behaviour of leopard and the endemic Thornicroft's giraffe for the past 35 years he is a recognised authority and has published scientific papers on the giraffe.
Manda Chisanga
Manda Chisanga spent his formative years following his construction-worker grandfather as he travelled round Zambia. This fuelled Manda's interest in his own country and, after a brief spell working in a bank and as a veterinary assistant, he became a safari guide. Manda mainly guides at Bilimungwe Bushcamp and has spent most of his guiding career in the southern area of South Luangwa National Park. Manda has lived in all Zambian provinces and his compassionate nature means he is not afraid to address sensitive issues such as HIV/AIDS and is as comfortable discussing world politics as he is sharing amusing anecdotes about his time as a guide. His knowledge, respect and compassion earned him Wanderlust magazine’s inaugural Paul Morrison Guide Award in 2006.
Gilbert Njobvu
Gilbert Njobvu grew up in the Malama Chiefdom outside the park on the other side of the river to our camps. He went to school in Mfuwe and Lusaka and worked for a mechanic before becoming a safari guide. Gilbert's father was a ranger and he still remembers when there were rhino in the Luangwa Valley and accompanying Norman Carr and Phil Berry on patrols. Gilbert is primarily based at Mfuwe Lodge but also guides extensively in our six Bushcamps.
Peter Milanzi
Peter Milanzi grew up in Lochinvar National Park, where his father worked for the Park Authorities, so his interest in wildlife began at an early age. He moved to Mfuwe, with his father and twin brother, Misheck - who is also a guide for The Bushcamp Company - in 1994, but completed his schooling in Lusaka, where he enjoyed Maths and science. Upon graduating he worked as a bartender at several safari camps in the Luangwa Valley. Inspired by his father and spurred on by his twin brother, he became a guide in 2003. Peter manages and guides at Chindeni, which he describes as being "great for aquatic birds and brilliant for leopard!" Having travelled to the UK in 2009, Peter would love to further his knowledge and explore some of Africa’s other parks.
Mishek Milanzi
Mishek Milanzi grew up in Lochinvar National Park, near Livingstone, and having lived in all the game parks in Zambia, he naturally developed an interest in wildlife. He moved to Mfuwe with his parents and twin brother, Peter - who is also a guide for The Bushcamp Company - in 1994, and completed his schooling in Chipata, where he enjoyed maths and biology. Before becoming a guide, he worked as a voluntary teacher. Mishek became a guide in 2002. Mishek manages and guides at Zungulila Bushcamp, but his most memorable walk was at Kuyenda Bushcamp one morning when he and the guests saw two prides of lions, a leopard, and a huge herd of buffalo! In 2008 Mishek visited the UK and was shocked by how well it preserves its art and culture.
James Chabbuka
James Chabbuka grew up in Sinazongwe District in Zambia's Southern Province, he came to Mfuwe in 1991 and completed high school in Kafue. Before becoming a safari guide in 2000 James worked as a game scout for the Zambia Wildlife Authority, where he gained enormous experience of the bush and its wildlife. James was the guide at Chindeni for many years, but is now primarily based at Mfuwe Lodge, though he still guides extensively at our six Bushcamps. He enjoys animals and birds and has aspirations of becoming an ecologist. James visited the UK in 2007 and has fond memories of the London Eye and West Midlands Safari Park.
Steve Mvula
Steve Mvula spent the first half of his life on the Copperbelt before moving to Mfuwe in 1980. He completed his schooling at Mambwe High School - half way between Mfuwe & Chipata. Steve developed his love of nature when he was a teenager and joined The Bushcamp Company in 2006. In the future Steve hopes to have the chance to explore the World and also to pursue further studies in conservation.
Fannuel Banda
Fannuel Banda was brought up in Mfuwe by his grandparents. His passion for wildlife developed early in life and he was encouraged to pursue his interest by none other than Phil Berry, amongst others. Fannuel gained experience in the safari industry by working for several other safari companies in the area – he even appeared on the BBC programme "No Going Back" when working as a foreman for a lodge that was being built. Fannuel began as a transfer driver, but soon after became a guide. Fannuel now manages and guides at Chamilandu Bushcamp.
Patson Phiri
Patson Phiri was born and grew up in Mfuwe and went to school in Chipata, but was not able to complete his studies, as his family were unable to afford it. He started working in the Game and Wildlife Department as a firebreaker and later moved into the tourism industry, where he worked at Chinzombo and Kapani Lodges with Norman Carr and Phil Berry. Since becoming a guide in 1991 his proudest moment was guiding wildlife artist David Shepherd, and in 2009 he had the chance to see Amur leopard at the zoo, on a visit to the UK. Patson is keen to use his 20 years of guiding experience to help our spotters to move up the ranks and become guides.
Onecious Kamwendo
Onecious Kamwendo grew up in Lusaka and came to Mfuwe in 1987, where his father inspired him to pursue his interest in wildlife. Onecious worked at Chinzombo Lodge with Phil Berry, as a tea porter and house keeper, and later worked for him at Kuyenda Bushcamp. He became a guide in 1999 and now mainly guides at Mfuwe Lodge, but can also be found down at our six Bushcamps. Onecious has travelled widely in Southern Africa to Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Malawi. He says the most memorable sighting he has had as a guide was when he watched a lioness taken by crocodiles as she was swimming across the Luangwa.
Charles Nkhoma
Charles Nkhoma was born in Kabwe, Central Zambia, but grew up in Chipata and came to Mfuwe when he was ten. At school Charles was a member of the school Wildlife Club, and with his favourite subjects being biology and geography, and encouragement from friends who were already guides, he became a guide in 2005. Charles came to work for The Bushcamp Company in 2010 and is currently the guide for Kapamba Bushcamp. He says working for one of The Bushcamp Company means he is always busy, but he "still hopes to find the time to study more and expand his knowledge in wildlife management" and "enjoys the fact that, as a guide you never stop learning."
Jason Kalimi
Jason Kalimi grew up in Mfuwe and attended secondary school in Mambwe. After finishing grade 12 Jason became a primary school teacher, and vice chairman of the Kakumbi Community Resource Board, working in the tourism sector. With a keen interest in wildlife, developed during school trips into the park, and as chairman of the school Wildlife Club, the Bushcamp Company sponsored him through his guide training and he became a guide in 2006. His is primarily based at Mfuwe Lodge but also guides extensively in our six Bushcamps. His most memorable experience was when he spotted six different leopard on a night drive down to one of our Bushcamps from the Lodge.
Alick Kakumbi
Alick Kakumbi grew up in the Copper Belt, and moved to Mfuwe when he was 15. After finishing school, Alick worked as a waiter and spotter at Chinzombo Lodge from 1996 to 2003, with Andy Hogg & Phil Berry, and later at Mfuwe Lodge, where with help and encouragement from senior guides, he became a guide in 2008. Alick is primarily based at Mfuwe Lodge but also guides extensively in our six Bushcamps. His favourite memory as a guide was when he watched an impala giving birth, and he also says it was "a great privilege to meet Jonathan Scott" when he first visited Mfuwe Lodge in 2007.
Suzyo Zimba
Suzyo (Masuzyo) was born in Chingola in the Copper Belt and raised in Chipata. In 1996, at age 8, he joined the Chongololo (Millipede) Club, run by the Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia. The following year, his chapter won a tree-planting competition, and the prize was 3 nights in South Luangwa at Wildlife Camp. This was the beginning of his interest in becoming a guide. Suzyo finished his schooling and joined the Society, working his way toward a career in wildlife, and eventually working at the same camp he'd visited at age 9! He worked first as a barman and then as a cook. He became a guide in 2010. As Suzyo puts it, "from that day my life has never been the same – I enjoy every day I am out in the bush. The highlights are all walks and drives, because you don’t know what to expect; every day is different!"
Francis Mbewe
Francis Mbewe was born in 1981 in a remote area near Mfuwe. His father was a game scout when Francis was young. After he lost both parents, Francis lived with his grandmother. The Bushcamp Company sponsored Francis in his schooling, allowing him to complete his secondary education. Francis has worked for The Bushcamp Company in many different capacities – as a groundskeeper, kitchen porter, storesman, housekeeping, and spotting. Spending time in the bush and meeting so many different people led Francis to become interesting in guiding in order to promote the importance of nature. He took the initiative to study for and take his guide exam, and he had the highest score of his group on the written exam.
John Mbewe
John Mbewe was born in 1984 in Chipata. At a young age, he moved to Mfuwe, due to his father's work with the national parks and wildlife. He joined The Bushcamp Company in 2005, first as a camp guard when the camps were closed, and then as a permanent member of staff at Kapamba Bushcamp. He began as a rooms attendant, then became a waiter, and the following year became the spotter/tea bearer. Spending time with guides and guests on game-viewing activities spurred an interest in becoming a guide. He transferred to Mfuwe Lodge, where he participated in the in-house training program, and in 2013 he became a guide.
Thomas Mwanza
Thomas Mwanza grew up in the village of Chiumbu on a rice and cotton farm with both his parents. He says they were most influential in his life and were intent on sending him to school. In 2007 Thomas first worked as a kitchen porter for Robin Pope Safaris before getting a job for seven years as a waiter. During that time, he also had the opportunity to go out on game drives as a spotter and thus gradually got closer to the bush. He became fully exposed to the African wilderness while working as a tea bearer on walking safaris from 2012. He decided to train on his own and focused on absorbing as much information from the other experienced guides as he could. In 2013 Thomas passed his safari guide exam and joined The Bushcamp Company team in 2017.
Shadreck Njobvu
Shadreck was born in Mfuwe in 1975 and grew up locally. He first worked as a gardener until 2001 and then did a short course with Chipata Trades and became a Welder. He then gained experience as a plumber and in 2005 obtained a craft certificate in Plumbing Sheet Metal. This enabled him to work for many safari camps between 2006 and 2009 before joining the Mfuwe Lodge construction team full time. As a child, Shadreck had always been fascinated by conservation, especially while he was at school. Working in a wild setting helped fuel his passion for wildlife even more and in 2011 he got a job as a laundry man and tea bearer at Bilimungwe Bushcamp. He became a guide in 2013. Shadreck loves being in the bush and being able to show guests, in particular people who have never been on safari before, the African fauna and flora.
Mulenga Phiri
Mulenga was born in Lusaka in 1987. His father, who was working as a driver for the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, brought him to Mfuwe when he was only two years old. He would take him out with him during the weekends and whenever he was doing transfers out in the bush. Mulenga fell in love with the bush and while in Grade 10 at school he became an active member of a club dedicated to conservation. He first worked as a tea bearer and spotter at Chamilandu Bushcamp in 2008, while also training to be a guide. He became a guide in 2013. Mulenga's million-dollar-smile never shines brighter than when he is out in the wilderness, sharing his knowledge and passion for wildlife with other people. He is also actively engaged with educating people in the community about the need and benefits of conserving the local wildlife. While he knows how to track and find the animals, Mulenga also enjoys acting intuitively and letting them come to him. One of his most memorable moments was when he was out with guests who really wanted to see a leopard. As they were sitting for sundowners, a leopard came out of the bush and walked right past them

Guest Comments

Mfuwe Lodge
The lodge was really nice and the drives were awesome! Say thanks to James for me. Thank you!
- Emily Atkins, England

Nothing short of perfect! Without a doubt the best stay we had in all of Zambia. We had the perfect guide and Alex could not have been more accommodating. We will be back that?s for sure?
- Evan and Pathy Smith, NY, USA

Thank you for a wonderful experience!
- Sue Luttrell, Devonhulls, Tasmania, Australia

Lovely stay, thanks for the great care and service, very interesting guided walks and great compliments for the chef! I hope I can come back!
- Syo Van Mourik, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

An absolutely amazing experience, we've been pampered to the max - in the nicest possible ways, with a warmth that is truly welcoming.
- Jean Gilliland, USA