An amazing gift!!

When you live in a remote, rural area of the African Bush it is always nice to receive a little present from overseas…of those little essential items that you just can’t find locally. So when four rather large, 40 foot shipping containers arrived today, all the way from the UK, full to bursting with furniture and equipment for our local sponsored schools, there was more than a little excitement…not to mention a great deal of sweat and ingenuity in offloading them!

Thanks to the efforts of our kind friends Jay Tailor, Sarah Elton and the U Foundation in the UK, our schools will soon be the recipients of a mammoth amount of new furniture, clothing and a whole range of educational equipment and materials (details below).

Whilst the offloading was worthy of a few pictures…wait until we open and distribute the contents!! This is a fantastic effort by all concerned and will be off tremendous benefit to the children of the Mfuwe community.

Some of the main items…880 chairs, 464 tables, 80 desks, 20 beds, 165 boxes clothes, 76 boxes school uniform, 75 boxes sports equipment, 45 boxes of science equipment, 120 boxes stationary etc, 200 files/binders, 25 computers, 23 bicycles.

Photo gallery