Chamilandu's Competing Carnivores Caught on Camera

Visitors to South Luangwa often ask the question..."What happens to animals that die in the bush?" Well...the simple answer is..."They get eaten!"

Anything edible is quickly consumed by a variety of creatures, from insects to lions....but few visitors are tempted to sit next to a smelly, rotting carcass and witness just who joins the feast....Thanks to remote camera technology from, a fascinating dining sequence has now been recorded. Over a period of two nights the valley's main carnivores were caught on "candid camera" as they took it in turns to devour a dead hippo near Chamilandu Bushcamp...a large meal for anyone!

It is interesting to observe the times that the various hungry diners choose to take their meals...and just how the feeding alternates between the competing carnivores. (Each photograph is dated and timed). A careful examination shows that various hyaenas, three leopards (a male, a female and a youngster) and possibly two male lions joined the party.
Whilst this is just a selection of the hundreds of images tells a fascinating story of animal interaction...and maybe shows who's who in the pecking order!

By the way...if you are squemish...look away now...!!

Photo gallery