Guide Training with Derek Solomon & Lee Gutteridge

Our guiding team at the Bushcamp Company is clearly second to none, in their presentation, politeness and in many regards their experience. Some of the new guides on the team just don’t know how fortunate they are to have mentors around such as the two Peter’s, Gilbert, Patson, Manda, James, Mishek and Fannuel.

However, we are all able to learn new things, so it we were delighted when Derek Solomon, a respected trainer and Professional Guide (and one time guide himself with the Bushcamp Company) and Lee Gutteridge (of Nature Guide Training) agreed to come up from South Africa to see whether they could find some new items to contribute to our guides’ already impressive repository of bush knowledge. The whole team of Mfuwe Lodge & Bushcamp guides were on hand, fresh from working on our refurbishment and eager to get back into the bush and try out their new Swarofski binoculars. They were divided into two groups, for four days at a time, each with the objective of trying to explore some of the academic issues which bother them. Derek & Lee focussed on their own strong points; Astronomy, Birding, Mammals and Mammal behaviour and Tracking; all fairly specialist subjects, a knowledge of these subjects can add great value to any safari.

Derek’s in-depth knowledge of birds was definitely of great benefit to the guides in such a bird-rich Park as the South Luangwa. Lee’s tracking expertise moved the whole guiding team’s process of identification to a new level. The guides were each tested, with qualifications earned according to the level of skill displayed by the individual guide. The highest score was achieved by Fannuel, with a remarkable 96%.

All in all, it was a highly successful week, and an important part of building up an already first rate team of safari guides, and helping them to take another step toward being the very best guiding team in the Valley! Thanks to Lee and Derek for all their hard work and we look forward to welcoming them back again soon.

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