Huganrian Wildlife Photographer visits the Luangwa

Hungarian wildlife photographer, Istvan Keller, is staying with us at Mfuwe Lodge - he has been getting some great shots as we come to the height of the dry season and the game starts to concentrate along the Luangwa River.

Istvan was born in Budapest, Hungary, but currently moves between his two homes - one on the outskirts of Vienna, Austria and the other in Bad Homburg in Germany. From childhood he had an interest in nature and the outdoors and after his studies lead him into the IT industry he has worked in various countries which greater fueled his interest in travel and nature.

He got his very first camera, at the age of 10, a small Kiev "spy" camera with 16mm cartridges, and became a keen photographer as a teenager; his first SLR camera, a Zenith 3M, was a present from his father, when he finished secondary school. Soon his father introduced him to the secrets of developing films and paper images. Starting out with black-white films and self-developed pictures, he became more and more enthusiastic about imaging. His real inspiration came later from his uncle, who was working with color slides and producing stunning images. After going through a series of Praktikas and Exactas, he ended up with a Nikon FM and since then he has been working with various Nikon cameras. His introduction to digital photography was with a Nikon Coolpix E990, this was followed by several upgrade models of the same product line until the D70 appeared. That started a new period in his photographic development.
His first trip to Africa took him the Kruger National Park in South Africa, and, as with many other people, he too fell under the spell of Africa's beauty, it's landscapes and the plethora of wild animals. Since then he is a regular returnee to the African wilderness and now is spending 3 months with us in the Luangwa.
The following gallery is a collection of images taken during his first month with us at Mfuwe Lodge. His website has more of his images and galleries and will also soon offer orderable canvas-art-prints of wild animals. Check out some of his galleries

Carmine Bee eaters Elephants Lions Leopards

Photo gallery