iPads for Mfuwe Day Secondary School

In July Cool Hunting Editions brought 24 friends on safari to Zambia to stay with us at Mfuwe Lodge and our Bushcamps for a week. Over the course of eight days CH Zambia guests experienced the wonders and wildlife of the Luangwa and got involved with one of the schools that we support in Mfuwe.

Giving back was Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Replica important to them, and through their guests' donations they were able to fill one of the new classroom blocks with locally-made desks, and to fill the two new dormitories with beds. Pentax also graciously offered to donate cameras for the students to learn photography, and guests were able to donate a MacBook Pro to help archive and edit their work, as well as four iPads packed with ibooks and apps for the students to use.

Cool Huntings guests made two trips to the school during their weeklong visit to the South Luanga. The first visit to see the school and enjoy some singing, dancing and performances by the students. The second visit allowed the guests to teach seminars on how to use the iPads, basic photography, project management and acting. The students, teachers and guests loved their time together, and the donations will have a long-lasting effect on the school - many thanks Cool Hunting - we look forward to you returning next year!

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