Jackal spotted at Kapamba & Bilimungwe Bushcamps

Recently, three of our guides have had greater cause than usual to get even more excited than they normally do on game drives along the Kapamba River. Manda, Fannuel & Peter, with guests from Kapamba & Bilimungwe Bushcamps have been regularly seeing a lone Side-striped jackal (Canis adustus) when on game drives to the other side of the Kapamba River.

This may not seem that unusual or exciting to regular safari-goers, who have visted other Parks in Africa, but when you consider that Side-striped jackal are seen in The South Luangwa National Park even less frequently than wild dog, aardvark, serval and Pel’s fishing owl, all put together - you can better understand why! In fact, very few Luangwa guides have ever seen a jackal when on safari, if at all, as it is thought they were all but wiped out in the National Park by disease in 1987, now they are only occassional sightings outside the Park - near the Mfuwe Airport. Unfortunately the jackal on the Kapamba has always been seen alone, so the chances of it sticking around or breeding are very slim. Wildlife photographers Sharon & Tony Heald were lucky to be on one safari from Bilimungwe Bushcamp when they spotted it and got that all important photo (see below). Lets hope its sticks around - we will keep you posted.

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