Jonathan Scott & Phil Berry Safari a huge success

The week long safari at Mfuwe Lodge led by BBC Big Cat Diary's Jonathan Scott and The Bushcamp Company's most experienced guide, Phil Berry ended last week. It was a huge success; a great group of guests, great wildlife viewing and great fun! With daily talks from the expert, including Matt Becker from The Zambia Carnivore Programme and Rachel McRobb from The South Luangwa Conservation Society as well as Jonathan and Phil, guests really enjoyed a week with a difference.

We are very excited to announce that Jonathan & Phil will be running another safari at Mfuwe Lodge from 12 to 19 November 2011.

But, who better to let us know how it went than the guests themselves, so over to them;

"It really was a week to remember ..... thanks to all the guys at Mfuwe Lodge for making it work so brilliantly and giving us such fantastic sightings and memories. I feel privileged to have been on such a trip. I'm also full of admiration for Matt and Rachel and the work they're doing. And to spend time with such outstanding wildlife experts as Jonathan and Phil was top of the range....We saw Wonky Tusk and family trundling through the foyer, an outstanding colony of Carmine bee-eaters, a herd of 600 buffalo and families of elephant crossing the river, leopards, lions, wild dogs, and even a serval and porcupine! What a trip!!!"
Charles Swynnerton, UK

"WOW!!! What a week is correct.... I learned so much, thanks to Jonathan"
Tom & Kristina Trowbridge, USA

"It was indeed a brilliant week - and fantastic to share it with such an enthusiastic and companiable bunch of many memorable moments! I'll never forget watching that buffalo free itself from the mud on our first evening, or Jonathan's running commentary on the lions mating, or that squabble between the ele and the wild dogs, or that incredible, close-up, after-dark leopard sighting with Phil scrunching leaves and making cub noises to get its attention. Plus, of course, Wonky & co's visits... and fleeing from that furious hippo."
Emma Gregg, UK

"This week was just terrific and I am thankful for the time spent with the team. Time passed so fast....... it´s a shame."
Istvan Keller, Hungary

"It was a wonderful week and all credit to you and your team at the lodge... I have learned a lot from Jonathan... Philip you are a legend and it was a privilege to be with you in the bush. Thank you once again everybody for your time, support and your friendship, it was a memorable trip in every sense of the word."
James Gallagher, Ireland

"We had a wonderful time in Zambia and we were made to feel very special. The experiences were wonderful and Jonathan Scott and Phil Berry were simply amazing.... this was one of the most exhilerating experiences of our lives! I really do feel that we got such a great understanding of the Zambia, the national park, its animals and the amazing people who live and work there."
Linda & Conan Butcher, Ireland

"A big, big thank you to all at Mfuwe Lodge who made our time there so worthwhile! It was, indeed, a great week with a wonderful team, one I will always remember."
Jackie North, New Zealand

Take a look at some great photos from the week by guests Kristina Trowbridge of Carmine Bee-Eaters, Wild Dogs & Wonky Tusk & family and Istvan Keller Wonky Tusk & family, Carmine Bee -eaters.

Jonathan & Phil will be running another safari at Mfuwe Lodge from 12 to 19 November 2011.
Contact if you would like to book your place.

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