Lions take up residence at Mfuwe Lodge

A few mornings ago, Peter, our senior safari guide, returned from the game drive. As he pulled into the Mfuwe Lodge car park he was heard to remark…”Sorry folks, we didn’t see the lions, but I’m sure they are close by….” Closer than he or the guests anticipated….sitting on the walkway outside their room actually!! For the third time in the past few days, the local pride were again taking it easy, lounging around in the shade of the lodge grounds, taking advantage of the freshly watered lawn and the comparative cool of the raised walkways.

Great excitement, of course, and a real novelty for newly arrived guests….”Sorry sir, but we can’t actually get into your room at the moment….a small matter of sixteen lions on your doorstep! Come and have a cool drink….” Actually on this particular morning, the problem was not so much getting “in” as getting “out”….or at least getting luggage out of rooms so that departing guests could set off for the airport! Suffice it to say, a solution was found…though this must be the first time guests ever packed with an armed game scout standing guard! To say that the lions were relaxed would be an understatement. They made themselves very much at home, and were merely curious, and possibly even entertained, by all the frantic, human antics. The pride includes three quite young cubs that are still extremely playful…to the detriment of our walkway lights! No need to remind Mfuwe Lodge guests that they really are in wildest Africa!

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