Mfuwe Lodge guides help save two snared elephants

We are very proud of our guides, especially this week; Kelvin & Jason, both reported snared elephants near Mfuwe Lodge in the last couple of days, and as a result of their reports we contacted the South Luangwa Conservation Society (SLCS), who darted them and they are now both fine.

SLCS CEO Rachel McRobb said "I really appreciate the guides telling us, as this is the only way we can get them...your guys have done a really good job reporting snared animals so thanks so much again."

Snaring has been quite a problem this year; SLCS also darted a gorgeous male lion with a tight snare on his neck in Nsefu a few days ago. Half of the funds raised from guests through our Luangwa Conservation & Community Fund (LCCF) go towards preventing this through supporting the excellent work that SLCS do.

See pictures of SLCS's Rachel at work de-snaring the elephants and the lion below

Photo gallery