Off-loading the Containers for Mfuwe Day School

Back in May we told you about the four containers full of school equipment that had very generously been donated by supporters in the UK, organised through the U Foundation. Well, when U Foundation founders, and long time Bushcamp Company friends, Jay Tailor and Sarah Elton came to stay at Mfuwe Lodge we thought it would be the ideal opportunity for their "Official Opening".

With their contents including some: 880 chairs, 464 tables, 80 desks, 20 beds, 165 boxes clothes, 76 boxes school uniform, 75 boxes sports equipment, 45 boxes of science equipment, 120 boxes stationary, 200 files/binders, 25 computers, 23 bicycles.... and much more, we knew the offloading was going to take some time....

With the help of a team of guys from our workshop, teachers, plenty of kids, Lisa (our Community & Conservation Co-ordiantor), and of course Jay & Sarah, the containers have been gradually emptied over the past few weeks. Many tractor and trailer trips, and alot of sweat and dust, later and we have managed to kit out three of Mfuwe Day School's new classrooms with chairs, tables and cupboards. They also have their HE room kitted out with furniture, plus storage units and chairs for their offices and staff room.

Chiwawatala School also received much needed desks and chairs, as well as some storage equipment. The rest of the contents have been taken to Mfuwe Lodge's warehouse, for safe storage; one of the main challenges now is to sort out all the clothes and remaining items and work out how best to distribute them!

As you can see, it was also alot of fun, but we must extend a massive thank you to everyone at the school and our workshop team for all their hard work - especially workshop manager George (who you can see taking a well deserved break in the last photo!) who co-ordinated all the trips. And of course, not forgetting the generosity of the U Foundation and all those in the UK who donated the equipment. With such a wonderful team effort - both in Zambia and the UK - we continue to help improve the education of thousands of Mfuwe's kids.

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