Snare Art by Malafian Chimungu

Malafian Chimungu, an artistically gifted student from Mfuwe, takes wire from confiscated snare traps in the South Luangwa National Park and turns it into animal sculptures. He's only allowed to work on his art project outside of school and his homework, but he's able to sell enough of his sculptures to pay for his education and help his family. Malafian taught himself how to make artistic pieces from wire that was once used by poachers to illegally catch animals and later confiscated by Game Scouts. The confiscated wire is allocated to Malafian by the South Luangwa Conservation Society (SLCS). Malafian retains 80% of the proceeds from the sales to help pay for his schooling and buy food for his family. He returns 20% to SLCS to go towards their anti-poaching efforts.

Malafian is aged 16 and in Grade 10 at Mfuwe Day Secondary School. His favourite subjects are science and history and he enjoys drama and listening to music. He lives in Mfuwe with 3 sisters, 3 brothers and is parents, who are subsistence farmers; though his father also does carpentry peicework to help support the family. When he leaves school Malafian wants to be a motor mechanic and has already started learning how vehicles work. Malafian hopes that in purchasing his creative pieces, it will help raise awareness of the problem of snaring in Zambia across the World.

By purchasing a snare wire animal sculpture you are helping support the local community and fight poaching. His work can be bought from the curio shop at Mfuwe Lodge.

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