The Kapamba Pride kill in front of Zungulila

As if the lion vs crocodile fight at Zungulia was not enough, these feisty cats have been at it again, making not one, but two kills right in front of camp. Fortunately wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas was also in camp and managed to photograph all the action!

The 'Kapamba Pride', as they have come to be known this season, have been hanging around the Kapamba River close to Zungulila and Kapamba Bushcamps and the two lionesses and five cubs have been seen by most of their guests - even coming into camp on several occasions.

Earlier in the month professional wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas was staying with us at Zungulila and spotted the lionesses crossing the river. Panerai Luminor 1950 Replica He managed to follow them, and watched them meet up with the cubs and then, after some very affectionate greetings, start to hunt on the plain, right in front of camp. After causing complete impala chaos, the lionesses managed to catch two different imapalas - a decent meal for seven hungry carniviores! Will also had BeetleCam with him, so managed to get right in amongst the feeding frenzy!

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