Travel and Leisure World's Best Awards

There is still time to vote for the Bushcamp Company in the 2018 Travel and Leisure World's Best Awards, however the voting process is a little complicated! If you would like to vote, here are some simplified instructions to make it easier... Thank you!
Quick, step-by-step instructions
To vote for BCC properties in T + L World’s Best Awards

- Go to
- Click blue box “Continue”
- Answer whether you have already accessed the rating platform
- Answer whether you subscribe or not
- Complete the appropriate registration (subscriber or non-subscriber)
- Answer demographic questions
- Tick “Africa/Middle East” as a place you have visited in the last 3 years
- Tick “Zambia”
- Tick “Hotels” cartier replica watches
- Click on “Select items to rate”
- Tick “Bilimungwe Bushcamp,” “Chamilandu Bushcamp,” “Chindeni Bushcamp,” “Kapamba Bushcamp,” “Kuyenda Bushcamp,” “Mfuwe Lodge,” “Zungulila Bushcamp” as appropriate.
A screen comes up with the list of properties.
- Select “Go over your selections” to add more or click on “rate selected items”

Rate each one in the various categories, selecting “rate next selection” after you finish each one.
As they are rated, they turn from blue to green in the list.

Thank you very much!

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