We Need Desks! Can You Help?

Thanks to our guests, the Sausage Tree Charity, the U Foundation and the Luangwa Conservation & Community Fund we are in the process of building a classroom block and two dormitories at Mfuwe Day Secondary School and have already been able to raise the funds to build these much needed facilities.

We are all very excited and proud that we are able to do this, however the buildings cannot be put into proper use if there are no desks for the pupils to study at and no beds for them to sleep in. At the moment many of the students have to sit on the floor in class, making it hard for them to study properly; blankets and sheets are threadbare and boys have to share mattresses, with not enough to go round. So we are now focusing on raising enough money to buy these important items for the school.


150 x Mattresses at $60 each
150 x Blankets at $6 each
150 x Bed Sheets at $7 each
90 x Double Desks at $75 each
25 x Bunk Beds at $170 each

Taking into consideration the environment and community, it is important that desks and bunk beds are made from metal rather than wood and we are keen that they are made locally, by local craftsmen.

If you would like to donate, please contact Lisa at lisa@bushcampcompany.com

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