Wonky Tusk and Wellington - first visit of 2010

At breakfast today, we were joined for the first time this year by our very special, repeat guests Wonky Tusk and family, who have been regular visitors at Mfuwe Lodge for a number of years, visiting every Oc tober and November to feast on the fallen f ruits from the large “Wild Mango” (Cordyla africana) tree in the Lodge grounds.

Before the wild mangos ripen it seems that Wonky & Co visit the Lodge in mid-September, paying a visit to the tree (and the reception) around about the same time each year - almost to the day (last year it was 10 Sept) - presumably to check out the status of the tree and when it might fruit. This morning, baby Wellington, who was born on the Lodge grounds almost a year ago (31 Oct 2009), and is the star of many of our favourite videos was in a playful mood, following his mum, playing with his siblings and exploring his new "play ground" - this is their first visit through reception since the Lodge's refurbishment in May. Last year he struggled with the steps, but soon got the hang of how to navigate them. As they say, "elephants never forget" and true to form Wellie hadn't, and ambitiously tried to follow the rest of the herd onto the walk-way, needing a nudge from mum to help him up!

We look forward to Wonky & Co's future visits this year - it looks like there are going to be loads of mangos, so we will keep you posted with updates. For more info on Wonky Tusk & Family click here

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