Wonky Tusk receives a special Christmas gift.....

For the past couple of months 'Wonky Tusk' our redoubtable elephant matriarch has been leading her family through Mfuwe Lodge for their regular, annual feast of wild mangoes. This year was no exception and our guests were treated to regular elephant check-ins at the reception desk…we have even had a sculpture commissioned of Wonky Tusk & baby Wellington made by award winning sculptor Nick Mackman to display in our reception...but then about ten days ago the visits suddenly stopped!

The wild mango fruits started to litter the lawn…much to the delights of the baboon population who were now no longer chased away by Wonky’s youngest offspring…the now famous “Wellington”, who liked nothing better than to show the cheeky monkeys who was boss around here! Where could the elephants have gone with so much juicy food on offer?

Then, a coupleof days ago, very early in the morning, just when we thought it safe to put up our Christmas tree in reception…yes… you guessed it…Wonky, Wellie, sisters, brothers, all came scurrying through reception to hoover up the last of the season’s fruit… and demolish our festive decorations!

We were, of course, happy to see our friends again, but to our amazement and delight the family now had an extra addition…a tiny, new, wrinkled baby!

Wonky is now a grandmother!!

And Wellie is a proud uncle!!

Her eldest daughter has given birth to a bouncing baby! We discovered that it was born on the other side of the rapidly rising Luangwa River on the 6th December…hence the reason for their absence! However, as soon as the youngster was big enough to negotiate a river crossing, the whole family returned to their favourite tree…and, we like to think, to show off and introduce the next generation…

Opinion is divides as to whether it is a grandson or granddaughter…watch this space!!

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