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Chilongozi School

Chilongozi School takes around 237 pupils, in 9 grades, being taught by 8 teachers (a ratio of around 30 pupils to 1 teacher) - of these children many are orphaned. The school is in the very remote Malama Chiefdom, in the GMA on the other side of the Luangwa River to our bushcamps, where human-wildlife conflict is a major issue. As the crow flies Chilongozi School is somewhere in between Chindeni & Bilimungwe bushcamps - on the eastern side of the River. The school is run by Mr Mwale, the Head Teacher, and his team of 7 other teachers.

The Bushcamp Company supports the school, giving assistance wi th the purchasing of the school’s stationery supplies - books, pencils, papers, text books. With the help of guests’ generosity we send 6 older children (grades 10 & 11) to High School by paying their school & boarding fees, uniforms etc. The Bushcamp Company also pays three teachers' salaries to supplement the Government-funded teachers and have paid to have a new teacher’s house built and to sink a borehole. We hope to build more houses and a classroom in the future. To encourage a conservation mindset within the children, in 2009 we started what we hope will be an annual event, by taking 100 kids from the school on a game drive, where our professional guides gave conservation-orientated talks and hosted them for lunch.

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