Emerald Season

When the first rains come the park takes on a fresh green appearance, the air becomes clear and the light is perfect for photography. This is a wonderful time to visit the South Luangwa and with Mfuwe Lodge open year round and four of our Bushcamps (Chindeni, Bilimungwe, Kapamba & Zungulila) open into the early rains; the only Bushcamps open in the park at that time of year the Emerald Season is the perfect time to see the Luangwa River in full flow and enjoy both game-drives and walking safaris at a lower rate.

These are the summer months in Zambia where the rain falls and completely alters the landscape in a matter of days, turning what was barren dry land into lush, green expanses teeming with wildlife and birdlife; the impala drop their young, large carmine bee-eater & stork colonies form, migratory bird species arrive, and many birds are in full breeding plumage.

Here at Mfuwe Lodge, we also offer our guests visiting in the Emerald Season a true natural phenomenon, which has turned into an annual ritual. Every October to December, a family of elephants walks right through the reception area on their way to a specific wild mango tree they have been visiting for many years.

  • The bush is emerald green, incredibly lush and picturesque with blue skies and a pleasant climate
  • Air quality and natural light improves - excellent photography conditions
  • The Luangwa River is at its peak, often bursting its banks and hosting the largest population of hippo in the area
  • Fewer people visiting leading to fewer vehicles and more intimate game viewing
  • Wonderful conditions for walking safaris
  • We have the only Bushcamps open in the park from November to January, offering a remote, intimate safari experience
  • Excellent value, with lower rates

The Emerald Season runs from November through May.

We have also created a Shoulder Season of June and October, which combines the best of both worlds incredible game-viewing but with reduced rates!