Sightings March 2023

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See you next season!
See you next season!
see you next season!
See you next season!
See you next season!
Mfuwe Lodge
31 March 2023
lionesses with cubs, leopards (2 different sightings), wild dogs
30 March 2023
wild dogs (unsuccessfully) chasing a wildebeest, leopard, crowned crane, wild dogs feeding on puku
29 March 2023
big male lion, large crocodile on land
28 March 2023
leopard in a tree with a kill, giraffes, hyena near Mfuwe Lodge
27 March 2023
African broadbill
26 March 2023
Arnot's chat, racket-tailed roller
25 March 2023
wild dogs
24 March 2023
male lion walked through Mfuwe Lodge grounds overnight, leopard, elephant, giraffe
21 March 2023
wild dogs, buffalo, crowned eagle, giant eagle owl
20 March 2023
2 lionesses and 9 cubs, honey badger, big herd of buffalo, warthog
19 March 2023
incredible sequence: wild dogs killing impala, croc coming to try to steal impala kill, hyena biting croc on the tail, zebra chasing dogs
18 March 2023
leopard in a tree, elephants, good birding
17 March 2023
pack of wild dogs, hyena, lots of elephants, leopard in a tree
16 March 2023
wild dogs, big male leopard, hyena, elephants, giraffe giving birth, bull elephants fighting
15 March 2023
wild dogs (2 packs), hyena, buffalo, elephants, leopard in a tree with a kill with hyena below, chameleon
14 March 2023
wild dogs, leopard, buffalo, ground hornbill, chameleon
13 March 2023
18 wild dogs, hyena, 5 lions, giraffes, elephants, zebra
12 March 2023
wild dogs, leopard, lion, impala kill in a tree, giraffes, elephants, tiny hyena cub, hyenas
11 March 2023
leopard, wild dogs, giraffe, elephants, African harrier hawk
10 March 2023
wild dogs hunting puku, hyena, elephants, crocodiles
09 March 2023
wild dogs, giraffe, elephants
07 March 2023
2 male lions
06 March 2023
leopard with an impala kill, 10 wild dogs
02 March 2023
wild dogs, hyena, buffalo
01 March 2023
leopard, eles, giraffe, buffalo
Director's House
20 March 2023
2 lionesses with 8 cubs, leopard, elephant with tiny calf, kudu
19 March 2023
elephants, jacana, martial eagle
18 March 2023
wild dogs, hyena, leopard, elephants, grey crowned crane, zebras, good birding, giraffe
17 March 2023
impala, zebra, fish eagle. 2 leopards , saddle billed stork, elephants, hippos, 17 wild dogs
16 March 2023
wild dogs killing impala, hyena, elephants, dung beetle, zebra
15 March 2023
leopard, wild dogs (2 packs), porcupine, hyena, zebra, chameleon
05 March 2023
mating pair of leopard, hyena, elephants, giraffe
04 March 2023
giraffe, elephants, 2 herds of buffalo, 2 Pel's fishing owls
03 March 2023
wild dogs, hyena, elephants, giraffe, kudu, buffalo, baby hippo
02 March 2023
wild dogs, hyena, giant eagle owl, elephants, genet