Join Jonathan Scott & Phil Berry at Mfuwe Lodge

The Bushcamp Company is delighted to be hosting a unique safari at (what will by then be) the newly refurbished Mfuwe Lodge in November 2010. We are proud to welcome back BBC Big Cat Diary presenter, author & wildlife photographer Jonathan Scott, who , along with renowned Bushcamp Company guide, leopard & giraffe expert & former Park Warden, Phil Berry, will be leading a very special week long trip to the South Luangwa from November 3rd-10th 2010. We also hope to be joined by Wonky Tusk the elephant & her family, who regularly pass through the Lodge’s reception at that time of year. It will be the ideal week for photographers, plus guests will be able to enjoy the Lodge’s upgrade, which is due for completion in May 2010.

As well as elephants walking through the reception, the South Luangwa is well known for it’s elephant population and is where Jonathan’s wife, Angie, took the stunning photograph of an elephant family drinking in the Luangwa River, that won her the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award in 2002. The South Luangwa is celebrated as being Zambia’s big cat country and one of the best parks in Africa for leopard. Although November can be hot, it is an exciting period for wildlife activity, with wild dog and lion sightings being good in previous years, as well as stunning carmine bee-eater colonies and mixed-species bird fishing parties. When the first rains come the park takes on a fresh green appearance and the air becomes clear - the light perfect for photography.

“November in Zambia, we were assured, was one of the safari guides’ favourite months in Luangwa - my wife Angie and I wanted to find out why. In November the resident elephant families near Mfuwe Lodge are on the search for succulent wild gardenia fruits. One particular family, led by a wily old matriarch, takes the most direct route to the wild mango trees, solemnly walking through reception at Mfuwe to the delight of the guests. What an amazing sight this is. Watching this elephant spectacle each day certainly lived up to all the hype. And besides the elephants we enjoyed wonderful sightings of wild dogs, lions, mating leopards, an hour-old elephant calf struggling to gain its feet, spectacular birding around the lagoons – and much else besides.”

Jonathan Scott, Wanderlust Magazine, 2008

Find out more about this special week here.

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