Window shopping gone wild
Very few guests can resist the allure of Mfuwe Lodge's curio shop. Even our curious local eles love a bit of browsing.
Wildlife passing through
It’s not easy being an elephant mom – especially when it comes to convincing your colossal little loved one that our Mfuwe Lodge Reception area is indeed the easiest exit path.
Nosing around

Even just checking in to reception at Mfuwe Lodge is a thrilling affair. Here you can see our famous elephants doing their own quality control checks.

Seeing eles up close

At Mfuwe Lodge, we’re all about the best elephant sightings, and the best wild mango fruit.

Thatch roof rubs

The local elephants never fail to entertain our Mfuwe guests. This guy here had an itch he just had to scratch.

Nap time right inside our Mfuwe Lodge courtyard #WildElephants

After a lunch of wild mango fruit, you can't blame an ele for needing a little nap. And what better place than under the wild mango tree itself?

Baby elephant tackles tiles for the first time

It took a little bit of practice for one of our youngest elephant visitors to Mfuwe Lodge to figure out how to walk on the tiles. Before too long, however, he was a pro!

Something for everyone

Even our Mfuwe Lodge elephants cannot resist our welcoming accommodation and delicious cuisine.

Leading the way

Watch how patiently this elephant mom looks after her baby. We loved seeing how carefully she slows down her pace to match his.

#WildElephants: First time checking in

Watching a baby ele figure out how to navigate the Mfuwe Lodge Reception is a sighting only a lucky few people will ever experience in their lifetime.

Baby Steps

Patience is the name of the game for this graceful ele mom. She never once lost patience with her youngster when he just couldn't figure out how to get up the path!

Elephants checking out

We don’t say goodbye at Mfuwe Lodge, we say ‘see you soon’.

Courtyard classroom

Mfuwe Lodge’s courtyard is a learning ground where many of our beloved eles first learn to climb out of the courtyard wall.

This baby ele has an itch to scratch

When you’ve got an itch, it just feels soooo good to scratch it!

What a hoot!

At Mfuwe Lodge, we’re famous for our up-close ele sightings. Here we have a baby elephant comically enjoying a good, long tree bark scratch, all while checking out our esteemed owl sculpture.

A big ele giving our guests a warm welcome

At Mfuwe Lodge, we’re famous for up-close visits in our reception area from our friendly elephant herd.

Attention to detail

We take great pride in keeping Mfuwe Lodge’s reception exactly as our local elephants like it.

Two big tuskers

It’s always a special occasion when the big bulls visit Mfuwe Lodge.

Elephant playtime

It’s all fun and games at Mfuwe Lodge for these two energetic eles.

Trunk time

This baby elephant is taking his trunk training awfully seriously. Just another wonderful day in Africa at Mfuwe Lodge.

Tough love

Our favorite Mfuwe Lodge elephant herd trust us with many comical parenting lessons, including this rough nudge from mom to encourage her little one to come down off the wall. Mom isn’t putting up with any more shenanigans, that’s for sure!

Learning curve

Until you’re big and strong like mom, it’s going to be scary to take those big leaps. Even mom’s patient pulls with her trunk couldn’t quite convince this little one to step down.

Family feast

We know that when the wild mango fruit are ripe, our Mfuwe Lodge guests are guaranteed to see our elephant herds snacking away happily.

Bush spa

Even our elephants need a bit of TLC from time to time. It’s no surprise, then, that our Mfuwe Lodge bush spa is a favourite guest (and ele!) experience.

Bottoms up!

Just a baby elephant scratching his bottom on the warm bricks at Mfuwe Lodge.

On all fours

It’s not easy to climb a wall when you weigh as much as an elephant does. Mfuwe Lodge is both a playground – and a learning ground – for our young ele visitors.

Wandering wildlife

Seeing our graceful Mfuwe Lodge elephant friends wandering through reception is a sight our guests never tire of.

Wilful tusker

Where there’s a will (and a wild mango tree), there’s a way. This big tusker wasn’t about to let a small wall stand in the way of an afternoon snack in Mfuwe Lodge’s courtyard.

Happy herd

We don’t know who loves our reception area more – the happy elephants passing through or the awe-struck guests that start grabbing their cameras. Just another successful check-in at Mfuwe Lodge.

Power nap

At Mfuwe Lodge, you’re at leisure to take a power nap whenever life calls for one. That’s what a safari holiday is all about, as our baby eles will teach you.

Time to wake up

For one little elephant, the cool, refreshing reception area at Mfuwe Lodge proved to be the perfect spot for a quick snooze. Our guests certainly didn’t mind delaying their check-in to admire this sleeping beauty.

Trunk-toe coordination

Navigating the tiled walkways of Mfuwe Lodge for the first time proved to be quite a challenge for this brave baby elephant.